Hayden Walles, Ph.D.

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I am an accomplished, versatile writer with particular expertise in science and technology. With hundreds of feature articles, weekly columns, op-eds, and technical and specialist works published over the past fourteen years, I combine ability and passion for writing to produce stimulating, persuasive and informative copy for any situation.

Originally from New Zealand I have been based in the U.S. for several years. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

My portfolio

Take a look at True/False, a website I created to showcase some of my published popular writing, and Hexes and Cursors, my blog aimed at computer programmers. Below are links to some other samples of my work.

How Rodney Brooks revolutionised robotics Stuff
A look at how a mission to build a robotic insect led to the Roomba.
A keyboard in the palm of your hand The Sydney Morning Herald
A survey of gadgets that let you type on your mobile devices using a virtual keyboard.
Manned Mars mission: return journey to the red planet may be possible The Sydney Morning Herald
We used to think that it was just too expensive to send humans to Mars, but it's now we know better — and we can even bring them back!
Computers are easy to fool The Press, Christchurch
A column I wrote about how computer virtualization works, even more relevant now when virtualization is so important than when I wrote it.
DIY culture part of New Zealand identity The Press, Christchurch
An op-ed I wrote defending the role of the innovative individual in science.
Nuclear power pit-falls The Press, Christchurch
New Zealand has always been nuclear free, but from time to time its citizens wonder if it should stay that way. This article takes a slightly unusual route to explaining why there is good reason to be cautious about nuclear power.
A cage to block out the waves Stuff
In an age of near-constant connectivity sometimes we want to cut ourselves or our devices off. This article looks at the physics of Faraday cages, the simplest way to do that.
Psychobabble: Grounding Language in the Brain Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue
An example of my academic writing, a summary of some my doctoral work for a multidisciplinary audience.

Contact me

Please email any questions, comments, or work queries to me at hgwalles@gmail.com.